In this post, Student , Work and Teacher PDF books, Audio and Video Files, Tests , worksheets, scripts and other resources of insight Second Edition are available for download.

Needed to say: Tests of Upper-intermediate and advanced level are not available.

Insight second edition

It is a thought-provoking course that empowers students to think deeply about the world around them. Real-life and engaging topics, with a focus on Global Skills, encourage students to become thoughtful thinkers with positive attitudes to lifelong learning.

It includes a powerful Assessment for Learning approach to help you propel learners forward. Our lesson features, teacher’s notes and tests are focused on helping learners to continually reach for their goals, accelerate their progress, and go further with support for regular informal assessment and effective feedback.


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Each Level contains the following files:

Insight 2nd edition Student Book

Insight 2nd edition WorkBook

Insight 2nd edition Teacher Guide

Insight 2nd edition Audio Files

Insight 2nd edition Video Files

Insight 2nd edition Tests ( despite levels Upper-intermediate and Advanced)

Insight 2nd edition Worksheets

Insight 2nd edition Scripts, Answerkeys


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