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Compact First for school 3rd edition

In this post, Student , Work and Teacher books, Audios , Videos, Tests , Practice Tests of Compact First for school third edition are avialable for download.

Compact First for Schools 3rd edition offers fast, focused exam preparation for B2 First for Schools. Ideal for shorter courses, Compact covers the core exam topics, language and skills and offers intensive revision and practice to quickly maximise student performance. This new edition also offers specific help for Spanish-speaking learners.


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Compact First for school 3rd edition


This pack contains the following files:

Compact First for School Student Book

Compact First for School Workbook

Compact First for School Teacher Book

Compact First for School Handbook

Compact First for School Audios+Scripts

Compact First for School Videos

Compact First for School Test Bank

Compact First for School Practice Tests

Compact First for School Worksheets


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7 thoughts on “Compact First for school 3rd edition

  1. My purchase number is 357684 and the files I received don’t work.

    I’m having to use a different email address to create an account here as the one I made a purchase on for some reason wasn’t allowed when I tried to register.

  2. Get the following error when I try to open the student book on Adobe Pro DC:

    “An error exists on this page. Acrobat may not display the page correctly. Please contact the person who created the PDF document to correct the problem”

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