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Skills for listening

Activating, Building, Discovering and Expanding Skills for Listening are an all-new course that completes the Skills for Listening series. As the first course in the series, it sets the tone for Skills for Listening and gives learners of English a strong foundation in English language listening, assisting them in discovering their English listening abilities, and setting them up for the whole series.
The course presents the skills needed to listen effectively through a range of everyday topics relevant to the lives of young learners. The series introduces students to a variety of high frequency vocabulary and grammar expressions necessary for building a foundation in English. Additional review and consolidation activities are provided in the attached workbook, and there are online supplemental materials for young learners of all abilities.


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Each Level contains the following files:

Skills for Listening Course Book

Skills for Listening Audio Files

Skills for Listening Answer Key

Skills for Listening Scripts

Skills for Listening Tests

Skills for Listening word lists


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