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english plus 2nd edition

English Plus 2nd Edition is a five level English coursebook for teaching English to teenagers .English Plus is a flexible course that can be used in streamed school systems, mixed-ability classes, and with varying teaching loads. With this edition teachers can choose the most appropriate material for their class and for individual students. Fast finisher activities in the Student’s Book will keep your faster learners motivated. In the Workbook, activities are graded so that students can practise at the right level for them. Tests on the Teacher’s Resource Disk are also graded so that you can easily create differentiated learning paths. The Options lessons at the back of the Student’s Book allow you to extend the material further and adapt the course to your students’ interests and needs. Choose from Extra Listening & Speaking, Curriculum Extra, Culture, Project, and new Song pages.

  • Workbooks are scanned.
  • Student Book Level 4 is Scanned too.
Each Level contains the following files:
English Plus Second Edition Student Book
English Plus Second Edition Work Book(Scanned)
English Plus Second Edition Teacher Books
English Plus Second Edition Student Book Audio Files
English Plus Second Edition WorkBook Audio Files
English Plus Second Edition Video Files
English Plus Second Edition Tests

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