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Voices British English is a 7 level coursebook for teaching English language to young adult students published by National Geographic in 2022.With Voices (British English), learners use English as a tool for global communication and are encouraged to celebrate connections among people from a wide range of cultures and backgrounds. Carefully sequenced activities featuring real world content fully prepare learners for interaction and guide them to develop their voice in English. Voices is a seven-level, integrated-skills program for adults and young adults that enables instructors to teach with confidence in all classrooms. Supported by a common-sense lesson progression and The Voices Professional Development Video Program, teachers have the learning and teaching materials they need to deliver engaging courses both online and in person.

  • Some Files are in American English.


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Each Level of Voices contains the following files:

Voices Student Books (Beginner is American)

Voices  Work Books (Beginner / Intermediate  Plus/Upper-intermediate and Advanced Levels are American)

Voices Teacher Books

Voices Audio Files

Voices Video Files

Voices Test Pack

Voices Audio Scripts and Answer Keys

Voices Worksheets

Voices Reading Texts and Word lists


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    Workbooks of Advanced – Beginner – Upper Intermediate – Intermediate plus is not British English. They are American English. Fix it please.

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