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Life Vision Books Audios Videos and Tests

Life Vision published by oxford universirt press is a 6 level course for teaching English language to teenagers.In this post,PDFs of Student , Work and Teacher Books , Audio , Video files and Tests are available.

Life Vision helps students gain the language and skills they need to work out where they want to go next, and how exam success will help them take advantage of the global opportunities that proficiency in English brings.

Life Vision is built on a carefully-levelled and consistent grammar and vocabulary syllabus aligned to the CEFR. Packed with rich video features, Life Vision is ideally suited to today’s teenagers, offering relevant content with a modern approach. Interactive explorations with Vision 360° and new video content give students the skills they need to decide ‘where next?’.
Each level contains the following files:
Life Vision Student Book
Life Vision WorkBook
Life Vision Teacher Book
Life Vision Audio Files
Life Vision Video Files
Life Vision Tests

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