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Wider World 2nd Edition is a 5 level course for teaching general English to teenagers.In this post, Student, Work and Teacher PDFs , Audio and Video files, Tests and other resources are avilable for download.

Wider World prepares teenage learners for their futures with the versatile skills needed to enjoy their social lives, advance their studies and succeed in their careers.

Wider World is Pearson’s most popular mid-secondary course. It prepares teenagers for life by giving them the skills they need to enjoy social lives, pursue their studies and succeed in their future careers. The course features authentic English from humorous situations, interviews with real people, and clips taken from BBC programs that show language used in real-life situations.


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Each level contains the following files:

Wider World 2nd Edition Student Book

Wider World 2nd Edition WorkBook

Wider World 2nd Edition Teacher Book

Wider World 2nd Edition Audios

Wider World 2nd Edition Videos

Wider World 2nd Edition Tests

Wider World 2nd Edition Grammar Presentations

Wider World 2nd Edition Photocopiable Resources


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  1. Hi, I made a purchuse of the Wild World 2 on March 1st, and got an email that the download will be available in 1 to 5 hours, but thats it, how do i download it?

    1. Hi
      Your purchase confirmed and download link was sent to your email address.
      If you have not received it, login to your account and download it.

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