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C21 is a groundbreaking, five-level general English course that integrates 21st century skills and academic skills to ensure that students are ready for study,work and life throughout the 21st century.
The course combines the language skills of reading, writing, listening and speaking with 21
st century skills such as communication, creativity, critical thinking and study skills, In a unique way.
Students of C21 English for the 21st Century will be fully prepared to face the challenges and demands of
the 21st century.

C21 skills (a combination of academic and 21st century skills) are integrated into every spread and are introduced in a way that makes them accessible from A1 level. A new skill is introduced in each section of the book, with five skills per unit and 30 skills in total per level.


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Each Level contains the following files:

C21 Coursebook 2nd Edition

C21 Workbook 2nd Edition

C21 Teacher Book 2nd Edition

C21 Audio Files 2nd Edition

C21 Slide Shows 2nd Edition

C21 Academic Skills 2nd Edition


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    Face2Face Second Edition Presentation Plus — Face2Face Starter Second Edition Presentation Plus-Mac

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