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Think British English

Think British English Second Edition

In this post, Student, Work and Teacher Books, Audio files, Tests and worksheets of  Think British English Second Edition are available for download.

Think British English Second Edition

This six-level English course develops your students as learners and challenges them to consider global issues such as climate change and important scientific discoveries. With inspirational topics and texts from around the world, pages dedicated to life competencies and focused Cambridge English exam practice, this course encourages students to think big – in English.

American Think Second Edition is available too. check here.

Think British English First Edition Presentation Plus is available too.Cherck here.


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Each Level contains the following files:

Think British 2nd Student Book

Think British 2nd Work Book

Think British 2nd Teacher book

Think British 2nd Audio Files

Think British 2nd Tests

Think British 2nd Worksheets


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