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In this post , high quality of New Close-up PDF Books, Audio and Video Files, Tests and other resources such as Answer Keys, Scripts and Worksheets are available for download.

New Close-up Introduction:

This series is a 5 Level general English Course that covers Elementary to Upper Intermediate Levels for  Secondary/Teens. It is British English and it is suitable for Up to 3 Teaching Hours/Week

New Close-up Features:

New Close-up helps learners get closer to the world through dynamic photography, video and real-world stories from National Geographic. Relevant, global topics, paired with a comprehensive four-skills syllabus, promote the key language and life skills teenagers need to succeed in international exams, in the classroom and in their future careers.




Each Level contains the following files:

New Close-up Student Book

New Close-up Work Book

New Close-up Teacher Book

New Close-up Audio Files

New Close-up Video Files

New Close-up Tests

New Close-up ExamView ( Mac and Windows)

New Close-up Answer Keys

New Close-up Scripts

New Close-up Worksheets


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