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In this post, High quality PDF Pupil , Activity and Teacher Books, Audio Files, Tests, Teacher Resources such as worksheets, answer keys, scripts, home booklet and so on are available in this pack. Each level can be purchased separately. You can also buy the whole collection.

Be Curious is a six-level primary course ideal for children with little or no prior knowledge of English. It takes learners from Pre A1 Starters to an exit level of A2 Key for Schools, following exactly the same tried and tested approach as the higher-level (B1) Life Adventures course.  Be Curious provides comprehensive official preparation for Cambridge English Qualifications and is jointly published with Cambridge Assessment English.


Note: The quality of Texts are high but Photos are poor.

Note: Level 6 Activity Book is not available.


PDF Icon  Sample File


Following files are available in each level:

Be Curious Pupil Book

Be Curious Activity Book

Be Curious Teacher Book

Be Curious Audio Files

Be Curious Tests

Be Curious Teacher Resources


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