Life Second Edition American English

National Geographic Learning brings the world to your classroom with Life, a six level integrated skills series that develops fluency in both British and American English.
To encourage a generation of informed decision makers, Life prepares learners to think critically while teaching the English skills needed communicate effectively through:

* Information rich topics that naturally promote curiosity and challenge learners to understand the themes in English on a deeper level
* Developing the 21st century skills needed in a technology rich environment, like questioning authors’ intention and using visually literacy skills to infer meaning
* Explicit ‘Critical Thinking’ sections that take language learners from understanding, to evaluating, and finally to creating their own texts in English.


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  • Life Second Edition (American Accent)


This pack contains:

Life 1 Student Book

Life 1 Work Book

Life 1 Teacher Book

Life 1 Audio Files

Life 1 Video Files

Life 1 Resources


Life 2 Student Book

Life 2 Work Book

Life 2 Teacher Book

Life 2 Audio Files

Life 2 Video Files

Life 2 Resources


Life 3 Student Book

Life 3 Work Book

Life 3 Teacher Book

Life 3 Audio Files

Life 3 Video Files

Life 3 Resources


Life 4 Student Book

Life 4 Work Book

Life 4 Teacher Book

Life 4 Audio Files

Life 4 Video Files

Life 4 Resources


Life 5 Student Book

Life 5 Work Book

Life 5 Teacher Book

Life 5 Audio Files

Life 5 Video Files

Life 5 Resources


Life 6 Student Book

Life 6 Work Book

Life 6 Teacher Book

Life 6 Audio Files

Life 6 Video Files

Life 6 Resources


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