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Reading Explorer brings the world to your classroom

Now in the third edition, Reading Explorer is a six-level series that prepares learners for academic success with highly visual, motivating National Geographic content that features real people, places, and stories.


  • Real-world stories captivate and give them a better understanding of the world and their place in it
  • Reading Skill Sections provide the essential reading, academic, and critical thinking skills that learners require
  • Target Vocabulary Practice teaches the most useful words and phrases needed for academic reading
  • Engaging National Geographic video enhances the learning experience and allows learners to apply their language skills.

Download Here

Reading Explorer Intro PDF Book

Reading Explorer 1 PDF Book

Reading Explorer 2 PDF Book

Reading Explorer 4  PDF Book

Reading Explorer 5  PDF Book


Reading Explorer 1 Second Edition PDF Book

Reading Explorer 2 Second Edition PDF Book



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