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English FirstHand 5th Edition

English Firsthand Fifth Edition Active Teach Download

English Firsthand is the best-selling oral communication series that has been supporting ELT teachers and students for more than 25 years. It helps students build success and confidence through hands-on active learning. The series was designed to help students learn English by using English. It provides (1) realistic language models (2) personalized and motivating tasks (3) sufficient language support (vocabulary, grammar, and functional phrases) and (4) opportunities to communicate personal information, opinion and ideas.

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Key Features:

  • Learning Acceleration Videos include a Conversation Model plus English in Action (a story that reinforces language functions and target expressions) and Presentation Model (short videos with a presentation on the topic and tips for student presentations)
  • MyMobileWorld is a Moodle-based online component, its LMS allows teachers to easily monitor learner participation and progress, and conduct flipped classrooms
  • The Red Ball Curriculum differentiates essential, core activities from additional ones with numbers in red on each page
  • Real Stories has evolved and now the last page of each unit has activities that provide interactive practice of the four skills as well as critical thinking and presentation activities
  • Assessment for Learning is a practice test and self-check on every two units
  • A Wealth of Free Resources is available on the companion website and the teacher resource website.


To run the software, just click on Start-PC.exe file. No need to install this app.



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