Navigate SB+WB+Audio+Video+iTools


Navigate Student PDF(Scanned) Book , Work(Scanned) Book, Audio Files , Video Files and iTools are included in this package.

Level 1 is here for free download. Go to the description part and download them.


Navigate combines information-rich topics, state-of-the-art-methodology, and a modern blended package to provide the complete course for the 21st century adult and young adult learner.

Navigate takes an innovative approach to language learning with a state of-the-art syllabus based on the latest research and practical teacher feedback.

Sample files:

Navigate A1

 Navigate A1 – Student Book

 Navigate A1 – Work Book

 Navigate A1 – Student Audio

 Navigate A1 – WorkBook Audio

 Navigate A1 – Wordlists

 Navigate A1 – Video

 Navigate A1 – iTools  (2.2 Gb)

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