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Four Corners Second Edition Package contains Student Book PDF, Workbook PDF , Audio Files , Video Files and Resource Pack.

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Four Corners Second Edition combines effective, communicative methodology with a practical, ‘can-do’ approach. Twelve units in each of the four levels (CEFR A1 to B1+) give students the language they need to communicate with confidence. Clear learning outcomes and ‘can-do’ statements for every lesson, linked to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR), help teachers and their students measure the progress being made. The Student’s Book includes a unique code for Online Self-Study, and can also be purchased with an Online Workbook that allows teachers to track their students’ progress. Other components include a print Workbook, Teacher’s Edition with Complete Assessment Program, Presentation Plus classroom presentation software, audio and video files.

Level 1 is here for Free Download

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 Four Corners 2nd 1 – Student Book    (208 mb)

 Four Corners 2nd 1 – Work Book    (110 mb)

 Four Corners 2nd 1 – Audio    (162 mb)

 Four Corners 2nd 1 – Video    (585 mb)

 Four Corners 2nd 1 – Exercise    (257 mb)

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